Flowers and Forest Rubys

Monthly Stitch Indie Pattern Month–One Pattern, Two Ways Challenge

Hello Monthly Stitchers! I am very excited to be able to participate in the final week of Indie Pattern Month- thankyouAmnestyDaySeptember30th;) For this week’s challenge, I made a second Made By Rae Ruby using parts of the same up-cycled party dress from the back of my closet to make the Ruby Top version.


Any chance to get a chihuahua pic in, I take it

I knew I wanted to use the embroidered flowers on the dress for something and I wish I could take credit for coming up with this combination, but when I pulled the dress out of my closet, I put it on top of a rather large pile of stash fabric and the top fabric was this Robert Kaufman flower print and it was like– ahhhhh–clouds parted and a chorus of angels sang. Clearly, I really liked this combo.

Flowers #1

Happy Flowers!

So, like many many things in my life, I have (what I think) is this great idea, and then I go to dO it and realize, “oh. crap. I have no idea what I’m doing.” –I wanted to have a large flower on the top shoulder, and the rest of the yoke plain white, but, hello, these things are embroidered in the fabric Stephanie, so I don’t get to decide to have just one and the others magically disappear, unless I want a seam down the center of my front yoke–and noo, I did not want that. So I had to figure out how to get one of the flowers to fit on the shoulder, without the other flowers showing up in a weird place I didn’t want. Eventually, I turned the fabric upside down, got a flower to fit on a shoulder, and made peace with some flower vines happening on the other side. And now, to be honest, I actually do like having some yellow vines on my shoulder. Makes me feel like I’m a pixie fairy or something.

Upcycled dress flowers

Pattern maneuvering for flower power.

So, I have my Forest Creatures Ruby and now my Flower Patch Ruby!

Flowers and Forest Ruby

Feeling like a pixie princess…

I liked the fit of my last Ruby dress, so I stuck with the same size, and added the extra 1/4″ to the front and back (bottom) pieces. I made my own bias tape again, but that’s the only thing I’m not super thrilled about, in the pics it’s a little wonky on left. I don’t really notice it when I’m wearing it, but I see it in the photos and want to yank it straight. Or throw the whole thing in the trash and say, “DO WHAT I WANT YOU TO DO BIAS TAPE”–but that might be some over-perfectionism happening on my part:) My bf did assure me that the embroidered flowers pull your focus- so I’ve decided to believe him instead of melting into a puddle of bias-tape-failure-despair.


I do see it, but I’m focusing on the the large yellow flower…

Side View

Aand, side view…

Back #2

Back view

All in all, I really do love this top–I feel like it’s got a little retro feel to it and luckily, even though we’re heading into November–that really means it’s 80 degrees Fahrenheit here in Southern California–and I should definitely get a few more weeks of wear out of this. And then, when it does get cooler, I can add a cardigan, it will kind of cover the neck and then haha bias tape!!–I’ll have bested you!! Win-Win:)

Flowers and Forest #4

Modeling is hard. I have one look only for tops.

Flowers and Forest #5

I’m also really liking my Photo-collage app

Thank you so much Monthly Stitch for such an inspiring and creative month. Such beautiful makes by everyone!!


Kozy Kielo

Monthly Stitch Indie Pattern Month- Around the World Challenge

I have been sO inspired and amazed by all the creations that have been submitted for this week’s challenge. So fabulous! Allrighty- so here is my entry for Around The World–the Named Kielo Wrap Dress …with the Free Sleeve!! um, I love things that are free- I might have added the sleeve simply because it was free…not really, I  just love sleeves! So, Named Patterns is in Finland and I am in the United States- so it fits for this week. Yayy! I, of course, had seen this dress for quite some time around the internet world, but was pretty daunted by it- and then I saw the sleeeeeves and had this idea that with sleeves, this dress becomes kind of like a blanket–WHO DOESN’T WANT A BLANKET DRESS!!  Well, at least, I really wanted a blanket dress- so that’s what I set out to make.

Front #4

Blanket Dress!!

I do want to mention, that, if anyone reading this has ever made the Kielo dress before and blogged about it- thank you so much- I probably read your blog, since I spent about 2 nights obsessively reading about how to make this thing and I think I covered EVERYONE’S makes. The one thing many people talked about was the difficulty in the pdf print- how there was some type of layering happening so you have to print off copies of some of the pages- omg, my head hurts just reading that–how I continued on to making this, I have no idea– I guess my compulsive need for the blanket dress thing outweighed everything else? Anyways–as of October 2018- it looks like they have fixed any of those issues, because I printed it out, taped it up and was done–this is a MASSIVE pattern though- and while adding the sleeve pdf was pretty straight forward- that’s definitely not what I thought when I printed them out:

Pattern Pic #2

Seriously–do you see the printout with the lines going nowhere? That’s the sleeve pattern add on- looking at it here, I kind of feel like a genius right now that I figured it out. But, I promise, it really is explained very well in the instructions–

I also made sure to stay stitch the neckline since so many people talked about the neck stretching out–I went with a bias bound neckline and used Made By Rae’s tutorial using a strip from my fabric and I think it worked out great. Speaking of the fabric…I used what I believe is a lycra knit that I bought from Girl Charlee a while ago-that ended up being too lycra-ee, heavy and stiff for what I originally wanted, but I really like the structure it gives to this pattern–

Front #3

Structural! I feel like I’m a walking origami.

Now, the only issue with this fabric would be that, while I wouldn’t necessarily say that’s it’s lint-magnet per se… but more that it’s some sort lint-siren–where it seems to call lint, string, animal fur and really anything else you would never want to have on or near your clothes, to this dress. So, that’s fun.

Front- short not blown out

I really do like the fabric criss-crossing–it kind of keeps your eyes away from the dog-lint-string combo happening at the end of the straps:)

The only change I made was that I made the straps a little wider than the pattern–why don’t they actually look that way you say? Well, I’ll give out a little piece of advice here—maybe watching Luther on Netflix while trying to do math on a pattern isn’t the best idea. It just might not go the way you intended, and you might end up with straps that have no seam allowance because you were terrified out of your mind that Idris Elba was not going to catch the very very bad guy, so you forgot to add it. Just saying.

But honestly, in the end, I think they work well being just a teeeensie bit wider- because I think any more would have been overwhelming and I would have been drowning in blanket straps. This way it’s just cozy and the lycra in the fabric kind of holds it all in–it kind of feels like a swaddle- well, now that I say that, it sounds weird. Let’s just stick with blanket dress.

Let’s do some pictures–

Front #2

I’m very happy because I’m very cozy.

Front #1

Neat ties…


Front #3

Messy ties…so many options!


Back - pretty blue copy

Back vent and darts–fancy!


Side View #1

Side view–action style!


Flying Squirrel copy

Everyone knows–must do the flying squirrel


It’s a great dress, easy to make- I highly recommend! (Just fyi- I cut a straight US size 6/EUR 38)

Thanks so much Monthly Stitch! Indie Pattern Month is awesomely fun!

Forest Creatures Ruby


Monthly Stitch Indie Pattern Month- Dresses Challenge

I love it when my email fills up with lovely Indie Pattern Month Makes:) Yay!!! Alrighty- this is my Made By Rae Ruby Dress. I’ll start by saying I’m a complete copycat. I had this fabric with trees and animals that I loooooooved so much, but could never cut into it- mainly because the selvage was so dang cute– It’s got birdies on it!!!!–I have a HUGE weakness for birds on fabric…And then I saw that the Rae Hoekstra’s dress image for Ruby USES the selvage! Mind. Blown. Now I realize, with this new mindset, I could have sewn up any dress pattern, and just not sewn the hem on it, but I get a little obsessed sometimes with things- and this dress became the ONLY pattern I felt would work with my precious (insert Gollum saying “my preeeecious“) forest fabric.


Squirrels!! Birds!! Trees!!



Okay, moving on from my infatuation with this fabric, let’s talk about my copycat tendencies! The Ruby dress pattern picture has a lacey/eyelet type yoke- and I swear, I really did try and find some other neutral fabric in my stash that might work, but I had nothing…but what I did have was a 15 year old dress in the back of my closet that never quite fit right–made out of eyelet fabric- Score!! That thing is getting ripped up! Aaaand at that point I realized, there’s no denying, I’m pretty much just making a copy of that Ruby dress–well, let’s call it fan fiction:)

Here’s the dress–I remember buying this and thinking, boy this doesn’t fit very well, but there are flowers on it, so, yep, I must purchase.


Everything is cuter with a chihuahua. Also, if you put something on the floor, she sits on it within 3 seconds.

Okay, so I cut the top off the dress, then basically used the lining and the eyelet to make the yoke–easy peasy. Surprising actually, since, once I got the dress out and was ready to cut into it, I realized that I’ve never actually up-cycled anything before and had no idea what the crap I was doing. But just forge ahead! Apparently that’s my motto in sewing–

Cut Dress 3

Ahh, poor little dismembered dress- it’s okay, it was a really crappily made dress.

I did add a little bit of width to the sides –I was cutting a Small and it’s suggested that there should be 4″ of ease in the hips–the Small finished measurements are 43″–and since my hippies are a solid 40″–I moved the pattern piece 1/4″ from the fold for the front and back to give me a nice 1″ total. (I know I sound so mathy here, but it’s literally spelled out for you on the pattern–but I did sound so smarty pants there didn’t I?)

Cut Dress 6.1

Front dress pattern piece, moved 1/4″ from fold

So then, I sewed it up! Pretty straight forward–I did end up making my own bias tape–I had trouble finding a matching white–they don’t sell “15 Year Old Dingy Party Dress From the Back Of The Closet White“–so, you know, I had to use some of the lining to get that exact match—-Oh, I have to say, there are some instructions in the pattern for making bias tape, and I found them to be the easiest and simplest that I’ve ever come across. I’ve always had trouble with making bias tape for some reason, but this makes me want to bias tape my entire apartment. Really awesome instructions fyi–

Good Gad, let’s get to the dress–

3360 #3

Forest Creatures Dress!!!


Doesn’t it look like there is some sort of medieval light going on behind me here? I think I’m about to become an angel!


Sorry- this photo is so disturbing- like I’m in the final scene of the Blair Witch Project or something–but I didn’t really have a good back dress pic and I wanted to get one in–


2nd Cropped Full

Ooh! It can go belted!! Ha! Did you see that coming??


3rd Cropped Full

Side View belted

Cropped Half

Ahh, I’m pretty sure my wings are coming any second now…


Soo, super fun make–I get to wear forest creatures and have little birdies on my hem. WHAT COULD BE BETTER???

Thanks Monthly Stitch!!

Tropical Lou

Monthly Stitch Amnesty Day- September 2018

Soo, I was so excited for Put A Bird On It- Montly Stitch Challenge- I do have an obsession with bird theme fabrics–so I was like- Bam! Sew DIY Lou Box Top–Done! I can actually post something on Monthly  Stitch instead of lurk:) Aaand, then 2 years goes by—what the crap?! Two years?? Just post it Stephanie! So, here’s my Lou Box top with my parrot:)


Fair Warning–I only have one pose

I loved this fabric- and had this vision of a nod to the Hawaiian shirt–I think it kiiiind of turned out that way, but more on the “it’s a Hawaiian shirt” side than the “oh, it’s a kitschy nod to the Hawaiian shirt” that I was going for. Anyways, I still like it. I did a little bit of flower matching on the bottom that I think mostly worked out.


Flower Hem!

And, oh right, the pattern! I love love love this pattern- talk about a fast feeling of accomplishment- this fabric is some drapey poly mix? that I found on Etsy, and it works so great with it- and I love the easy sew up and directions- I already have plans for like 5 more. Granted, this was 2 years ago and I still haven’t actually DONE any of them, but boy, do I have plans!! Let’s look at this adorable button I found in my button stash–


Oh good, I’m glad the chihuahua hair got in there…

Soo, one of the easiest patterns I’ve sewn- but doesn’t look like it- does that make sense? It has a few distinctions- like the button in the back, curved hem- that elevate it over just two fabric pieces–


Last look–told ‘ya- same pose:)

Moneta with some hacking stripes

Hi! Let’s get started- starting with my Monthly Stitch posts–just plopping them in. Sewing!


Moneta with some hacking stripes–for The Monthly Stitch Indie Pattern Month 2017

Colette Monetta long

Soo, I originally had planned to make the Colette Moneta as a maxi and to have that be an entry for IPM dresses week, but after I misjudged my fabric amount, or, didn’t want to lay out my fabric pieces because I’m lazy so I just cut into it- you know, either one–I literally said to myself, “hmm, I’m seriously going to have to hack this to get this to be a maxi”. And since I’m stubborn and wanted a maxi, I was making a dang maxi. Soo, it became a hack!

Colette Monetta long

Matching stripes! I did it! Very proud here.

I also think I hacked the collar as well because, well, I couldn’t find any included instructions for a no collar, no sleeve version– even in the extra collar pack. Maybe it’s online somewhere? I think it should be–I love the sleeveless top version because the whole thing is lined- which made it much sturdier to hold the weight of the longer maxi. Instead of adding the collar, I just continued sewing the top – which was a little trickier and twisty up at the top of the shoulders- a lot of fabric-twist-sewing as I call it. or jamming. Get. Under. The. Needle. And. Get. Sewn.

Colette Monetta long

And for the bottom- I just added about 18″ to the “lengthen or shorten here” part, and then proudly put my maxi pattern onto my fabric and realized-not enough fabric lazy pants. That’s what the measure twice, cut once motto is! Ha! I don’t need mottos- I’ll cut the bottom 6″ or so off the pattern and squeeze it out of the extra remnants. It’s not quite the J.Crew look I was going for, but, my boyfriend says- it’s unique:) Anyways, I’m actually happy with it. Love a good maxi! Happy Sewing!

This is my ballet pose. And a hat makes all things stylish:)